Think back to your years in school and to the people who impacted you most.
Who do you remember?
And why?
Our years in school are some of our most formative. Beyond what we learn, it is the people and moments that matter most– when we are seen and accepted for who we are. When we are helped to feel like we belong. This award seeks to celebrate those moment-makers.
The friends who, growing up, showed us unconditional kindness. That gentle spirit who, without fanfare, uplifted our classmates and peers. That unsung hero who goes out of their way to be a good friend– in the playground, in the lunchroom, in the classes and hallways.
We also seek to highlight the melamdim and mechanchos in our schools who show commitment to their students in exemplary ways. Who create opportunities for inclusivity and belonging inside their classrooms or throughout the school community. Who value the whole child and, along with nurturing the neshama, promote the mental, emotional and physical wellness of their students. The teacher, classmate or childhood friend who recognises that when a child struggles, we must open our hearts and widen the circle of acceptance. As a community, we will honour these special educators and childhood friends and the ripples of their kind actions. And together, we will honour Yocheved Gourarie A”H: her life and her legacy.
Identity needed to represent Yocheved and the award that would be her legacy, inspired by kindness and beauty. The award would require a campaign to promote the kindness theme, print collateral and a digital site for people to nominate through.
Inspired by cherry blossoms, the theme for the kindness award was developed resulting in a 'Kindness Blossoms' slogan that would help promote and inspire the movement. So as not to restrict the award for the coming years, a simple flower icon was created that could be adaptable for future awards where cherry blossoms are not the focus and allow for other themes that are flora based; this paired with a vibrant palette which included prestigious black & gold award colours would allow room for the award to grow. 
A website has been created to spread awareness and act as a place for nominations to be submitted. The site also encourages people to share stories of kindness and helps to inspire others to carry the legacy on.
Role: Research, Brand Identity Creation, Website wireframe & construction, Print & Digital collateral
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