​​​​​​Syn Pins is representative of imagination taking flight. The idea that dreams have no ceilings and should be as big as the galaxy is a core value to the brand.
"I want people feel inspired to dream and reach for the starts when interacting with the Syn Pins brand, particularly my son Syncere who it is named after."
A brand identity was needed to inspire and lead the business which would begin with various enamel pin badge designs released in limited edition packs. The owner had an idea of using the theme of space to represent the brand linking to the 'imagination' and 'as big as the galaxy' vision for the business. The logo needed to also translate well into a pin badge and use bright colours.
At it's core the identity uses a rocket and bold geometric shapes to capture the imagination and lead with a punchy, clean and exciting design. A vibrant palette has been paired with a clean sans-serif to bring the design to life. Applications for enamel pins, box packaging and alternative products have been shown; as well as marketing using social media which will be the main outlet for promotion and sales.
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