Questa is a company that provides support and access for thousands of people looking for loved ones or wanting to discover more about their lineage and past. By utilising databases across the world, Questa aim to connect or point people in the right direction looking for answers. 
The possibilities are endless
Questa believes that everyone has a rich and cultured past. There are so many pieces of hidden history that are waiting to be connected with the right individuals. Questa' aim is to help find that history and connect it with people looking for answers.
The important thing is to not stop asking questions
The curiosity of human beings is something that sets us a part and defines who we are as human beings. Asking questions, learning and evolving is what Questa is all about.
Be part of something bigger than yourself
We ask our clients to think bigger than just themselves and their immediate family; we ask them to think of the possibilities of what they could find if they went a little further. 
We hope to point people in the right direction
​​​​​​​For those searching for long lost relatives or who are missing the final piece of their puzzle, we aim to help point those wanderers in the right direction and hope they are able to find what they have been looking for.
'Search, discover and be part of something more. 
Our company slogan sums up our ethos perfectly. 
We believe in SEARCHing for your ancestry, 
DISCOVERing unknown answers and 
BEING part of something bigger in history.'
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