Plantwell is a new plant and well-being subscription service that is driven by two founders with a passion to equip people with tools for their mental health. Self-care is at the heart of this brand and is achieved via caring for all types of plants, learning new holistic methods of self-health and provides a community that support one another. An opt in monthly or weekly box subscription provides the user with a box full of 'gifts for the soul'.
The core belief of Plantwell is that humans, by their very nature, need plants to survive and through caring for them can thrive. It is a peaceful symbiotic exchange from which both sides benefit. By offering a weekly or monthly subscription service the aim is to equip people regularly with support and information that can be integrated into their everyday lives. It also offers them a chance to experience other methods such as meditation, yoga, essential oils and foods that they can incorporate into their own lifestyles. 
The identity consists of multiple brand elements that can be used together or alone across print, digital and packaging scenarios. The typography showcases the character of the brand: incisive, playful, stylish, and innovative through the juxtaposition of rectangles and triangles which are fresh and striking, but never jarring. Calming palettes of pastel greens, blues and neutral creams create a feeling that complements the natural plants they sit alongside. Overall the branding looks to sit behind the product and create a peaceful, modern and refreshing aesthetic.
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