Branding & Identity System
Makers of stylish pet toys and furniture that gives access to premium pets goods at an affordable price. 
"Park & Bench’s line of cat products fit with the style and finesse of the modern and sophisticated cat. Think beyond pieces of carpet stapled to a post. Your kitty is worth more. Our scratchers bring something new to the table — something sure to delight cats and their humans alike."
Origin of name:
When I was young there’s a term old folks would say to kids who are always hanging together, kids who were ‘best friends’. They would say “you guys are like batty & bench” Batty is a colloquial word for butt. What this means is a bench or chair and a backside always go together(whenever you sit down). The thinking here is pets are best friends to many their human owners, they're always together caring for each other. They have a symbiotic relationship if you will. Dropping the Batty and replacing it with Park. Dog parks, benches in parks, Pet owners sit and watch their best friends play and so on. PARK & BENCH
modern, sleek, comfortable, practical, unintrusive 
The Park & Bench branding reflects high-end quality goods with a dynamic and flexible identity system that will be used across a variety of products - with the initial range of cat scratchers for the modern and sophisticated pet. The owners required a refined look with room for flexibility and growth; they planned on using it across digital & print as well as packaging and products. 
Identity Elements
The brand needed to be strong but subtle and put the products at the forefront. A fun playful tone as well as stripped back and finessed. Research was undertaken into pets, with specific focus on cats and their characteristics, movements and defining qualities. An identity set was crafted that showcased the brand elements in various layouts, badges and monograms to ensure it had room to adapt and grow moving forward.
Colour Palette & Graphic Elements
To achieve this a dark navy blue was chosen to form the primary colour palette of the brand and give a sense of luxury and quality, secondary colours of pastels and tans were selected to add some playfulness. Simple and organic illustrations were created to represent the wandering movements and trails pets have as they go about their day around the house paired with patches inspired by 'fur patches' on pets - these abstract shapes and lines help to introduce something more playful when used in social media and throughout marketing materials. This is important to help connect with the audience of 'cat owners' and their feline friends.
Digital Applications & Retail
Website design was undertaken to create a 'showroom' for the initial range of products which links to retailers such as Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Groupon, Wish, Wayfair, Purchasing Power and more to be added. The website acts a centre point for retail and social connection and has been created with mobiles in mind. As well as this, an Amazon store has been set up to help gain more sales, we created 'A+ content' which involved designing specially targeted graphics, tiles and banners to help drive more sales.
With the opening range of cat scratchers now available, the business looks to create more products and expand into further areas of pet furniture & equipment.
Instagram: @parkandbench

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