JB Heritage Consulting is a specialist heritage consultancy providing expert, robust and constructive planning advice to their clients. Starting up as a new consultancy a full brand identity was required that set them apart from similar competitors in the market. Heritage can sometimes be seen as tweed, old fashioned or wanting to hold on to the past and not in favour of modern solutions. JB Heritage states,
"At JB Heritage Consulting we believe firmly that, with the right solutions, our shared heritage presents opportunity rather than constraint to any development.
We equally understand the commercial context in which development is delivered, and thus strive to work collaboratively and creatively with our clients to promote development that manages positive change to heritage assets whilst delivering the development brief."
A bold, impactful and inspiring identity was needed to help deliver the values and beliefs of the founder and position them as the best fit for clients to align themselves with: forward-thinking, expertise and collaborative.
A bright and engaging brand was crafted with it's own design system and assets that could be utilised to display information in an engaging way. We wanted to combine a classic look with a modern upgrade that can be seen in the type choice and colours inspired by the Cambridge official colour palette from where the office heralds.
The logo displays JB Heritage as it's own 'block' which represents the consultancy, with an added 'block' element on the corner - this nods to the way the consultancy integrates and adds on to other firms and practices to offer their services. This has also been expanded further throughout the branding as a vehicle to display photos, graphics and text in interesting and diverse ways whilst retaining the brand identity.
As well brand collateral, a new website was created which can be viewed here:
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