Inner Fierce
Everyone has an inner animal and Inner Fierce think they have found the flavour to match. A new range of fruit drinks look to replace the sugary energy drinks that have been banned or limited in many stores in the UK. Offering a healthier alternative whilst retaining the edgy, energised drink packaging aesthetic. Inner Fierce look to appeal to your inner animal and want the branding to have as much of an impact as it will on your tastebuds.
The Visual Identity
The branding solution has looked to maintain the companies core beliefs of impact, flavour  & fierceness through an identity system that is built on animal vibrancy. 4 mascots have been hand illustrated to represent the flavour of each of the  fruit drinks. Paired with a vibrant colour the packaging delivers a punch and can be easily recognised amongst competitors on shelves. The playful type has gritty textures and various sized letterforms to enforce the idea of breaking the mould and diverse personalities of the customer.
Marketing Strategy
Collateral for print, digital, advertising and social media have been looked at and the character & personality of the brand shines through in each case. This is a brand that isn't sitting back with the other fruit drinks and looks to be a front runner in the energy drink replacement market.
Playful type partnered with punchy, personality filled copy look to build a rapport with the end user and grab their attention from the offset. Social media will be the main driver for connection to consumer and the use of bright bold colours will help elevate this brand in a crowded social space.
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