Hilda Hollands
The museum was set up by it's 8 founding members over 80 years ago and ever since the collections & exhibits on display continue to grow and flourish. 8 sections of the museum with completely different treasures within, there will be something that surely captures anyones eye as they walk through the carefully curated exhibits.
The museum required a diverse, flexible and multi-faceted brand that could adapt to each part of the museum whilst also giving each one their own identity. The owners were looking for something with a heritage feel true to the collection pieces they display but also modern and transfer well to digital applications where the museum was looking to expand more into; opening them up to a whole new audience.
The Brand
A brand identity has been created that is dynamic, modern but with a premium longstanding feel. The identity sees 8 separate areas of the museum have their own individuality but work as a cohesive system when paired alongside one another or as a whole. A symbiosis of colour and type see that the areas pull together into the full brand. An over-arching palette of a deep teal colour and gold give the museum a sense of excellence and grandeur whilst the supporting palette allow the other parts of the museum to shine on their own.
A dynamic logo for each exhibit has been based and inspired by the founding members that the names herald to and the primary logo inspired by the pillars that hold the museum up is strong, geometric and scales well between print & digital applications.
Gift shop items have been considered as well as marketing, advertising, tickets, cards & digital design.
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