Greater Wild
The great outdoors inspires us and we know it's where your pets feel the happiest. Greater Wild presents all pet parents with high-quality go-to chews and treats uniquely made for your best dog pals and fur babies. Animal well-being is at the heart of what we do. Here, you will find a variety of all natural, handcrafted, delicious and wild products to make your dog a happy caniner(camper).
"We make tasty pet food that won’t disappoint! They help promote dental health, muscle development, and the flavours will provide long-lasting positive effects on your pet’s mood."
No need to look any further for finding your pet’s next chews because we can assure you that we at Greater Wild have pulled out all the stops to provide what your pet deserves, only the best. 
A brand identity that reflects our values of inspiring nature, organic products and putting pets & owners alike in their natural environments. Our pet treats will require packaging applications including pouches, labels and large bags. We'll be looking to sell initially online but hope to expand into retail stores once the product has been established with the market therefore digital applications online and via social media are key as well as large retail signage to follow.
The identity has been inspired by nature, camping and old national park stamps to capture the essence of the great outdoors the company looks to inspire in their consumers. A responsive identity set was important to consider so that it can be displayed on a variety of different products, labels and packaging designs that suit a variety of pet treat applications. This was an opportunity to pull in supporting elements in the branding such as illustrations, nature scenery and badge designs.
An illustration set has been developed to offer a hand crafted feel supporting the organic, hand made feel of the products; together with an earthy palette of rich browns & creams which make up the foundation of the design system. A range of supporting colours have been introduced to indicate different flavours and treat ranges. Illustrations have been inspired by the natural ancestors of the two main pet types depicting a wolf & bobcat design; forest, mountains and banner designs have also been created to represent the natural domains of these animals. Textures are an important part of reinforcing the natural, hand-made and organic feel to the designs, these can be seen in packaging and marketing examples. A strong sans-serif type has been selected for the logo to contrast against the illustrative styles.
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