Future Dive
We’re a multimedia group with a core focus on the music industry. Our business isn't transactional. We provide an experience. The problem we solve is working with a staff who cares. Providing quality, Professional Services, executed at a very high level for a relatively affordable price. 
We’re super selective with who we work with as we want to continue to preserve the exclusivity behind our brand. As far as background is concerned, we’ve worked with A List celebrities, have a dope network of mentors and industry heavy hitters that work with us.
Future Dive is a collective of creatives who are passionate about all aspects of media, ranging from audio to visual. We are dedicated to providing quality services for artists, creatives and companies alike at affordable prices.
A distinctive and clean logo type has been chosen to spearhead the brand in a competitive and highly creative space. Remaining balanced by staying minimalistic, modern and future-proof utilising slight accentuations seen in the curve of the ‘F’ and extension in the ‘D’ giving character and fun whilst remaining professional.
A logo doesn’t only appear in one place these days, being a forward thinking and adaptable brand means having a suite of logos to suit every space - physically and digitally. Some secondary variations have been created to ensure the identity remains versatile going into the future.
Colour Palette
Strong, modern and sophisticated blacks, neutrals and aluminium greys provide the foundation for the brand. A vibrant, daring and punchy orange complements the dark tones, injecting some personality in light touches throughout the identity.
The typefaces chosen allow expression where appropriate, giving contrast between a clean, modern sans-serif type and a hand drawn textured creative look. This enables the brand to be pulled back when in a corporate setting and cranked up when being expressing a message. The identity can be used in dynamic ways as shown below, one example is the logo taking on an old school LP record shape which could be used across merchandise and many other touch points - showing how versatile and playful the brand can be.
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