Closed Caption
An Unmatched Opportunity
A unique fusion of poetry and music, Closed Caption resides at the intersection of culture and art. Activated monthly, the event brings together the best talent, taste-makers and culturally important people for an unparalleled experience.
Every aspect of Closed Caption is meticulously curated to deliver the highest level of entertainment.
Inspired 1920's art deco influences and the speakeasy design style, a dynamic brand has been created to represent the unique offering CC seeks to create in it's cultural activation events. A primary logo showcasing the two large C's connecting and sitting closely together look to represent the feeling the events aim to craft where crowd and speaker become closely connected. Sub marks that look to represent the performer and the feeling whilst on stage have been represented by a circle with burst lines coming from it, giving connotations of lifting up and reaching out to people, places and beyond.
A classy timeless palette of darks and gold, paired together with an art deco typeface; as well as a contrasting modern sans serif, look to give a nod to the era in which speakeasy was born, whilst bringing it into modern day. The brand encapsulates the feeling and experience that audiences will have when attending an event.
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