Illustrative Maps
The Graphic Communication team have produced a series of hand illustrated city maps celebrating the history and culture of the cities and towns Barton Willmore calls home.
Beginning in Reading to celebrate the move of the Head Office to The Blade in the heart of the town centre, our graphic communication team have produced illustrated maps for Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Soho London and Edinburgh, with more cities in the pipeline. Taking up to a year each to produce, the hand illustrated maps focus on the rich cultural histories of the cities that Barton Willmore’s office are in the heart of; looking beyond the obvious landmarks and into the unique stories and characters that make the places special.
Prints of the maps have gone on sale in a variety of outlets in Reading, Bristol and Manchester, with hundreds of copies being sold. Through the sale of prints, an auction and more recently a Reading map tea towel, the team have raised over £7000 for charity. The maps were also recognised at the Creative Pool Awards 2018, scooping an Illustration Award. 
Below shows the completed Edinburgh map.
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