Azures of Atlantis
A premium gin brand launching with it's first product - 'Seaflower Gin'. Dive deep into the world of Azure, Atlantis, a re-imagined take on the lost civilisation full of new creatures and tales untold. Our first product introduces some of these stories and notably the family of Azure, whilst showcasing the delicious and tasteful notes of seaflowers.
From an underwater world created by Jack Gunns, each illustration has been imagined and then lovingly hand drawn. A rough textured brush has been used so that the illustrations give a more warm and rustic feel. Patterns unique to the brand have been created and woven throughout the illustrations to tie them together as a set. The packaging design utilises these illustrations on the labels and limited edition box for the launch. By finishing with a blue hot foil the aim is to add a luxurious feel, as well as give a sense of being underwater with light reflecting in different ways. 
A navy blue and gold with teal accents have been chosen to emulate a royal underwater world. The serif type used strengthens the premium and ancient essence of the brand, whilst complementing the hand drawn decorative type used in the logo. The dynamic logo can be used in various states depending on the application of it's placement, but works as part of a larger identity system and patterns creating a synergy throughout.
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