The Brief
Sanya Aquarium attracts large visitor numbers and looks to be a forward mover into digital interactivity between customers and exhibits; creating an all round immersive learning experience. 

The Brand
A solution has been created in the form of a dynamic identity system which utilises a bright, bold and diverse colour scheme. The 'A' in aquarium has been made to be adaptable depending on the area it needs to represent; it changes between the primary logo to alternate forms for each animal area in the park which include: Tropical, Invertebrates, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Sharks, Whales and Dolphins.

Inspired by organic, flowing forms of water; the centre of the 'A' shows a water droplet bursting through the outer membrane of the letter signifying the element of water as well as a connection with the space around it - a 'drop in the ocean' of knowledge.

We have selected a clean & clear sans-serif typeface to deliver a cohesive visual experience for the visitor from print through to digital applications. This also sits well with the dynamic 'A' which can be swapped out seamlessly. Montserrat is very versatile and can be used in multiple domains such as websites, the publishing world, branding, editorial, logos, print, posters, etc. It is a typeface that can be used anywhere because of the geometric and elegant simplicity of the letterforms that have a good large x-height.

The colours have been selected to have a connection with the exhibit they represent and to work alongside each other creating a strong identity system that inspires the user/customers by being bold, stimulating & inspiring.
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