Paraiso meaning 'paradise' in Portugese is a group of treetop suites situated in the heart of the Amazon. Focused on protecting the culture and heritage of the Amazona people, Paraiso employs local people to run and take care of the 6 treetop homes. 

Sonhe  / Vida / Maravilha / Proteger / Inspirar / Selvagem

meaning 'dream'
We believe in dreaming of a better place where we can co-exist with nature without conflict. To dream of far away places and hidden secrets is what we want to provide our guests.

meaning 'life'
Life is rich and colourful in the jungle. Come and experience life at its fullest and leave feeling enriched and with a new lust for life.

meaning 'wonder'
Explore and go an adventure together with our local guides who will showcase their beautiful home; leaving you to wonder at all the incredible sights you'll see.

meaning 'protect'
At the heart of our resorts is the idea of protecting and conserving the Amazon rainforest, jungles, culture, people, plants and wildlife that inhabit this magical place. Our resorts are made from the surrounding materials and are 100% eco-friendly. We employ local people and give back to the community. By creating a functional business within the rainforest we hope to provide the local people with the means to protect their home.

meaning 'inspire'
Once you have stayed with us and experienced the kindness of the rainforest we hope you leave feeling inspired to preserve this incredible place.

meaning 'wild'
You will be staying in a 'resort' but it won't be the typical one you may have experienced before. Our rooms are made from the surrounding materials and are mostly treetop houses. You'll be 100% integrated into the living rainforest and surrounded by wildlife.
'selva sonhando' - 'jungle dreaming'

To capture peoples imaginations and satisfy their visual wanderlust is what we hope to achieve through the exploration and integration of treetop homes in the Amazon rainforest. We believe that you'll be jungle dreaming long after your stay.
A bright, vibrant and colourful brand palette has been chosen to represent the diverse and exotic surroundings. We wanted to create a bold and fun palette to reflect the brands celebration of the tropical environment.
Wildlife Logos

A dynamic logo suite has been created depending on the homes that it represents. Each of the treetop homes have a different native Amazon animal species representing them. This promotes native species as well as raising awareness for their protection and research.

The Amazon basin contains the largest number of freshwater fish species in the world -- more than 5,600 species. It has some 1,100 tributaries, 17 of which are over 1000 miles long.

Toucans are an icon of the Amazon Rainforest. Its oversized, colourful bill has made it one of the world's most popular birds.

Blue Macaw
The species is now considered extinct in the wild, although some of the birds survive in breeding programs.

Sloths are extremely slow-moving mammals found in the rainforest canopies of Central and South America.

According to The Nature Conservancy, a 4-square-mile (2,560 acres) area of rainforest contains as many as 150 species of butterflies.

Pink River Dolphin
Pink river dolphins live in the main rivers of the Amazon River and the Orinoco river in South America. 


We know you'll enjoy your stay
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