A visual identity design for the company Lishe Bora, a Kenyan juice company packed full of personality and flavour.

Lishe Bora meaning 'nutritious' in Swahili is a start up juice company in the heart of Kenya. The wildly colourful packaging reflects the personality and flavour of this fruity drink as well as offering a healthy alternative to sugary competitors. The company pride themselves on natural ingredients and organic produce creating and growing everything locally.

The visual identity has been created by reflecting the personality of the company as well as delivering an impactful punch when placed amongst other drinks cans. The healthy, organic and eco-vibe is carried through in the hand drawn type and textures used in the packaging design. Bold texturised abstract fruit shapes represent the flavours on offer and help to strengthen the messaging of health and eco-friendly.

Playful typography combinations along with abstract shapes create a visual language that can be utilised on the cans, advertising and social media posts. A calmer more earthy palette has been chosen for the logotype and secondary colour palette, using the beige and browns to emphasise the fruit shapes placed on them.
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