Silk weaving industry - roots in Coventry
Cash's (UK) is now known as one of the UK's quality weavers. But it was the Quaker brothers in Coventry last century who started the company. John and Joseph Cash were sons of a wealthy stuff-merchant. They began production of silk ribbons in the early 1840s. At this time Coventry was already famous for its silk weaving. (Source:

City of Culture 2021
Coventry has won the title of UK City of Culture for 2021. We’re currently working on an exciting programme of activity and events for 2021, which we expect to announce in Autumn 2020.

Logo Inspiration
The brand has been created to give an identity to the site that is being developed in the city. Notable features of the site include an underpass that weaves through a landscape towards an old mill at the top of the development. There will be a large performance space underneath the pass that will include circular elements and given the weaving industry in the city the logo has been inspired from these two elements - weaving patterns & circles. 

The design proposal of the site is significant as Coventry is named the city of culture for 2021 so picking up the strong heritage it has in this industry is something to celebrate and show off in a modern environment.

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