The journey to Gunns Designs

My Store-y…

I have always been a creative person. From the days of doodling in books and on anything I could get my hands on; to creating unique products like the ones you see in my store. The journey up to this point has taken me all over the place, literally. Having spent the last few years travelling around, soaking up different cultures and meeting some truly inspiring people; I felt that now was the time to really invest in my art.

My passion for travelling and love of sketching have led me to combining patterns with wildlife in the designs I produce. I have always been a fan of pencil and ink. The feeling that I want to evoke with my designs is a sense of culture and freedom. Choosing to display intricate patterns on animals helps me to communicate those feelings.

Through this online store I hope to be able to bring my designs to life in the products you see here. Through you purchasing something, you’re not only getting some unique hand drawn art, you are also supporting my dream and my creativity.

Thank you, I really appreciate your interest and support. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do making them and that they bring some joy to wherever they end up!

You can also help spread the creativity in more ways than just purchasing from the store.

Sharing, speaking and following all help towards the dream too!

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