Chitwan Safari at the Eden Jungle Resort | Travel Talk

Chitwan Safari at the Eden Jungle Resort | Travel Talk

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Whilst in Nepal I made sure I got to visit one of the regions famous national parks in Chitwan. Located in the southern part of Nepal, Chitwan is about 6-7 hours travel from central Kathmandu via tourist bus. I would recommend travelling in a tourist bus as you get your own seat, water and toilet breaks; the driving is also ‘slightly’ safer as there are less people in them compared to one of the local buses.

I went on a 2 night 3 day safari tour at the Eden Jungle Resort which cost around £59 ($90) which I thought was super cheap for what you get!

Eden Jungle Resort
Eden Jungle Resort

The bus journey from Kathmandu was incredibly long and we got stopped a few times due to small landslides (which are very common throughout Nepal before you worry) along the way. Bring some food, a book and some water; maybe pack some travel sickness tablets just in case. You do stop off a few times for toilet breaks and at local cafes so there are opportunities to get food along the way, however always keep in mind in Nepal that the food may not be what you are used and ‘nepali belly’ much like ‘delhi belly’ is quite common amongst travellers. Be smart about food choices, I pretty much stuck to rice and momos!

Once I arrived at Chitwan we were picked up and taken to our home for the next few days. We were greeted with smiling friendly faces – as you get anywhere in Nepal – and briefed on the iteniary. We were taken to our rooms and were able to have a quick freshen up before heading out on a tour of the resort. The rooms are fairly basic but sufficient for what you need, its not luxury but does the job. You are provided with beds, a ceiling fan, nets and a bathroom; consisting of a western toilet, sink and shower.

We immediately went for a tour around where they kept the elephants and shown around the grounds. We were lucky enough to see one of the famous one horned rhinos bathing in a stream in the first 20 minutes of being there! They showed us the river which at the time was overflowing due to it being the monsoon season. We were able to watch the sunset and then head back for a cold everest beer!

Elephant HairdoOne-Horned Rhino

Later that evening after a buffet style dinner we were driven to the nearby Tharu village where we were treated to some traditional tribal stick dancing. This was a great atmosphere and interesting to see the tribes cultural heritage. Afterwards we headed back to our resort to get some well earned rest after the days travelling but not before we squeezed in a few more everest beers!

The next day we had an early breakfast (breakfast and dinner are included at the resort) and went down to the river where we got into canoes down the river. There are opportunities to spot gharial crocodile, various birds and monkeys. We got out further down the river and went for a short walk through some local villages. Unfortunately when I was there we were not able to go over to the elephant breeding center to see the baby elephants as the river was so high we could not cross safely, however you are usually able to see them up close.

During the afternoon we had some free time so went into the local village to have a look for some souvenirs and to grab a quick lunch. Lunch turned into nearly 2 hours waiting, always remember your on nepali time haha

chitwan 1
You’ll get used to seeing elephants just walking around the village!

We headed back to the resort to quickly freshen up by taking a shower…with an elephant. A pretty cool experience but definitely came out smelling a lot more worse than I wen into it! I made a quick purchase of one of the resort t-shirts and went for another shower minus the elephant.

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Next we jumped into a jeep and travelled over to the forest where we were then able to go on an elephant safari. It was a really cool way to see the reserve and some of the animals including deer, rhino and monkeys; left me feeling a bit achey in my legs though! During the Chitwan Safari you have a well experienced guide who spots all the animals a mile off through trees and bushes. When you get off at the end theres usually children selling bananas for a few rupees to feed the elephants with make sure you buy a few to reward them for all the walking they just did.

Elephant EyesElephant Safari

Deer Ears

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For the evening we went our for dinner to make the most of some of the western food that is available here before heading back to our homestay placements. Grabbed yet another couple of everest beers – my favourite if you couldn’t tell by now – before heading to bed to get some rest and digest the days elephant antics.

Early morning wake up call for some bird watching and breakfast and then back onto the tourist buses to head back to Kathmandu.

Chitwan is a great few days away activity whilst travelling around exploring Nepal. I’d head there between october-march to really get the most out of the experience the temperature isn’t too bad at around 25°C, the best months for viewing game is late january-march as the grass is cut shorter improving disability. Check out Lonely Planets essential guide for your trip.

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Cairns Australia | Travel Talk Pt.2

Cairns Australia | Travel Talk Pt.2

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One of my personal favourite places to visit in Australia was the beautiful ocean side city of Cairns. Situated in the northern territory of Australia Cairns provides everything you’d expect from the land down under with its lush green rainforests, laid back life and Aussie sunshine.

sun worshipping #sun #silhouette #pro

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Whilst in Cairns I managed to cram in loads of tours and exploring. I’ll give a run-through of what I got up to and hopefully it will give you some ideas to put your own itinerary together when you visit! 1. You have to check out Cairns esplanade located in the centre of town – its an open swimming pool that overlooks the sea and is the perfect place to sit back and relax. I was a bit dubious about a free local pool but it’s incredibly well maintained, lifeguarded and modern designed. Head over to here and soak up the atmosphere, they often put live music on and you can always people watch because who doesn’t love having a nose at other people! And while your there why not grab an ice-cream from Baskin Robins; I only discovered this for the first time in Cairns and I’m a fan – try the chocolate brownie and hazelnut whip flavour with a waffle cone.

Quick Prices: Esplanade Pool FREE | Ice-cream £6 $8


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2. The Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is located right next to this world heritage site and wonder of the world, so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to go and have a look around! I used Quicksilver Tours to go and have a dive  around the outer barrier reef. The tour is a full day and early start (5:30am – 4:30pm) where you are taken to the boat that will take you and others (around 70/80 people) over to 3 different reef locations. You’ll get all the scuba diving equipment included and there are options for diving with oxygen tanks that require more lessons or experience. All 3 locations offer a close look at the various wildlife including chorals, fish and turtles with an occasional rare shark spot – not jaws though! Don’t panic! You get lunch included which was a fresh salad type buffet as well as tea and coffee with biscuits throughout the day.

If you feel like sitting out one of the dive spots then you can take the chance to go and sunbathe on top of the boat. One thing I would say is there is an onboard photographer who will come round and snap your picture with blue backdrop of the reef but these can be pricey. I paid £10 for one photo as I wanted a high quality image from my trip as I wouldn’t be there again anytime soon. I would invest in an underwater camera and even a waterproof phone pouch – use these at your own risk though you don’t want to drop your smartphone amongst the choral reef!

Quick Prices: Adult with return coach transfers £120 $180

Divng at the reef #prodiver #australia #blue #reef #instadaily

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3. One of the best tours I went on was with Tropical Horizons to the Daintree Rainforest – the oldest rainforest in the world. The day trip included pick up/drop off to and from the destinations. A road trip that took us through part of the Daintree where we were able to stop off and take a walk to look at the old rainforest trees and wildlife. We managed to have a wild encounter with the cassowary bird a native bird of Australia. Our tour guide was very informative and was a wealth of knowledge about the rainforest answering every question we threw at him. There were only 8 of us on the trip which gave it a very intimate and friendly feel. We ventured right through the rainforest to the famous cape tribulation beach a small corner of paradise, it felt like we were on desert island with white sand beaches, palm tree forests and crystal clear water.

Stopping for lunch we enjoyed a buffet style cold salad lunch and had the opportunity to do a spot of canoeing in the river. The next stop off was with a local guy who takes people crocodile spotting down the river, great fun especially when crocs pop up from nowhere beside the boat! Heading back through the forest we stopped off at some viewpoints and grabbed an ice cream from a local famous ice-cream shop – worth a visit! A very long day but great tour to go on if you want to get some picturesque views and learn about the rainforest.

Quick prices: Daintree Rainforest Day Tour £80 $120

The Daintree

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canoeing down a river in a rainforest – straight out of a travel brochure #canoe #dream #australia

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4. Another place you should check out is the Kuranda Skyrail and Railway. Glimpse the top of the rainforest from a cablecar hovering above the canopies and get right amongst the natural beauty of Cairns. You get a real sense of the sheer size of the rainforest. The rainforest cablecar takes about 40/50 mins which is enough time to soak it all up. Once you come to the end of the cable you get off in the small town of Kuranda right at the centre of the forest. Its a great little town where you can shop, eat and check out the wildlife centres.

You can pick up great unique souvenirs from the native tribe here with shows and performances as well. But the number 1 thing you MUST do is head to Koala gardens where you’ll be able to have a quick snap with a koala – a big tick off the Aussie checklist! You can hop on the Kuranda Train back to the beginning where you’ll take a meandering journey along the cliffs of the rainforest and get to see some waterfalls on the way.

Quick Prices: Adult £60 $90

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5. Lastly ignite that inner daredevil in you – do a skydive. It will honestly be one of the best experiences you can have. And skydiving over The Great Barrier Reef couldn’t be a better place to do it. I booked with Skydive Cairns who were great and really reassuring, the skydive cost £120 (with a beach landing) which is pricey but worth it. Again if you want a photo or video of it you’ll have to pay around £80 – which isn’t bad as its a one-off (unless you get the bug for it!) but depends on your budget and if you want to go on any over tours while your in Cairns.

Quick Prices: Adult with Beach Landing £120 $180 | Video & Photos £80 $120


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My time in Cairns was incredible, I loved the whole vibe and way of life there. The views were amazing and the people were great you definitely have to check this part of Australia out and what it has to offer.

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