Brown Bear Ink Pattern Hand Drawing


A bespoke ink hand drawing on 0.5mm cartridge paper (7.7′ x 5.7′) with intricate design.

A ‘one off’ unique design 1/1

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Part of the Patterned Beasts Series by Jack Gunns

Brown Bear Ink pattern Hand DrawingA bespoke ink hand drawing on 0.5mm cartridge paper  (7.7′ x 5.7′) with intricate design.

A ‘one off’ unique design 1/1

This intricate brown bear ink pattern drawing was created and hand drawn by artist Jack Gunns. An animal enthusiast from a young age, Jack has taken a creative path through life and has always been drawing pictures. Always drawing and creating designs around his favourite animals.

Once again he has decided to pick up the pen and begin new hand drawing work. His new art is combining these two passions. This has led to ‘Patterned Beasts‘ series of intricate animal drawings being born.

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