Where Have you Been? | Typography Design

Typography Design

This piece was created using Photoshop and the concept was: Capital Cities

Developing the concept for this typography design. The idea was to showcase the names of several world capitals in a fun and engaging way. I wanted to create something that also expressed travel. Using some of the cities that I have already visited, teamed with some that I’d love to visit. I made sure to contrast the colours using a bright colour like the turquoise against the deep red. The type is bold and eye-catching as I wanted the words to make an impression on someone looking at them. The textured background was developed from concrete to give them the grittiness of the cities they displayed.

Do you do any typography design? I’m always looking for inspiration and love looking at other creatives work’s. So send me a link or leave a comment!

I haven’t gone too much into typography design and this is one of the first times I have attempted something like this but I was pretty happy with the outcome and will definitely continue to produce more work using this design outlet.

If you need anything designed or have any questions drop me an e-mail at jgunssdesign@gmail.com . I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!