Sanctum Smoothies | Graphic Design

Sanctum Smoothies

Project on creating branding and labelling via graphic design; for a smoothie product helping environmental organisations.

Abstract: A healthy adult smoothie drink focusing primarily towards women aged 21-35; with a unique selling point to provide support to endangered wildlife and the environment through a charitable donation of profits. The complete design of a smoothie brand including visual conceptualisation, targeted marketing strategy and complete commercialisation of a drinks product. ‘Sanctum is a brand that holds the values of conservation, giving back and beneficial health values for the user.’


Smoothie analysis in the market showed that ’78% of users agree that smoothies are a healthy treat’ and 1 in 10 consumers have drunk fruit juice/smoothie drinks reinforcing the idea to use smoothies as a healthy option which would be popular amongst the market.


Sanctum’ was chosen as the brand name as sanctum is used to describe an environment that is sacred, peaceful and a sanctuary. This is exactly what the smoothie is aiming to provide in terms of environment conservation.


The labelling changed slightly from a standard rectangular plastic label to a recycled carton-board label with a curve shape on the front creating a more interesting shape visually from the front.

Using carton-board instead of the plastic provided a more eco-friendly product both functionally and visually. The textured surface of carton-board provides a much more organic, natural and eco feeling for the user physically to touch; whilst further strengthening the brands identity of maintaining an environmentally friendly product.

This project was based on primarily on Marketing and Advertising with a strong focus on graphic design. It required branding, graphics and psychology. The aim was to create a smoothie company that would attract a specified market and sell products. I had to design a smoothie brand that would be good for you and good for the environment. Partnering with a global company like WWF would be one of the ways in which it would give back to the environment.