Sanctum Tiger Advert


Using photography shot by myself (Tiger), I created this advertising poster raising awareness for the brand. It highlights the cause the brand stands for and attracts the user to invest in the brand. Showing this kind of image evokes empathy in the reader. It allows them to see a tangible connection to what the brand stands for. By doing this, smoothie sales are expected to rise and awareness to spread.

Having always had a creative background studying graphic design at college. Then whilst at uni studying Industrial design. I’ve dabbled in web design and recently started looking at UX & UI design.

By far, my most used and loved program has been Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Why do I love Photoshop? Photoshop allows you to create anything that is in your mind. With imagination and creativity you can create images that are other-worldly. I’ve always used the program and enjoyed learning all the tools in the program. My favourite tools have to be the pen and wand tools! You can create some crazy things with just these tools. There are still so many things I want to learn. I enjoy watching tutorials or reading articles explaining the newest techniques.

Powerful tools…

When you have such a powerful tool as the Adobe suite at your disposal, you can really achieve incredible images. Graphic design is something that I have always done and will continue to do.

Creating images that could be used in marketing and advertising campaigns is something I really enjoy doing.

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This tiger advert design was created in combination with my Sanctum smoothie brand to raise awareness for the brand’s identity. The original photo was taken by myself and post processed in Photoshop.