Personal Trainer Branding

C Fitness | Personal Trainer

Designing, branding, website and media for client who runs personal training business

For this piece of work my client was a personal trainer that had recently been qualified. She was looking to start her own business and start getting clients to train. I helped her through several design consultations to determine what she wanted from the website and how she envisioned her brand looking. I then went away to start working on some mock-up designs for a website, that she could use to promote herself and business. The key goal being: start building a client base.

With this goal in mind, I made sure to make it a really easy to use website. Making sure that the pages can be navigated easily, so as┬ánot to lose the attention of the user. There has been multiple call-to-action buttons included. As well as copy to attract the user into contacting – the desired goal – my client for business. I also made it friendly, welcoming and simplistic to entice the reader even more so into investing time into reading the webpage and wanting to learn more about the services on offer.

Throughout the process I made sure to keep in contact with my client and provide constant mock-ups of how things were going, also allowing for the client to make changes when necessary.

I also created the brand identity from scratch including logo design, social media set-up and website building.