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Graphic / Web / Illustration

Pretty much drawing from birth, well ok, but not long after I picked up my first crayon and started creating content for my Portfolio. Since then I took the most creative path through education as possible studying graphic design through to college. Continuing to study design through uni and eventually finishing my degree in Industrial Design at Bournemouth.

For many years now I have freelanced my services for a variety of projects; including brand consultation which involved mocking up paperwork, letter headings and forms as well as logo creation for start-ups. Another area I have been able to explore is UX/UI design alongside some marketing and SEO coaching (although this is all a learning process for me currently!). I have learnt how to create websites using HTML5 and CSS starting from scratch and self-teaching myself a lot of the basics.

I have had some corporate experience in web design where I was able to start self-teaching the basics. However, I found that I enjoyed other aspects of design more, so I left to pursue those areas instead. Although I left the corporate lifestyle, I still hung onto the things I had learnt and built upon them so that I could use them to 1. Use in the future 2. Create this site!

Skill set 

Photoshop + Illustrator + Indesign

What are my strengths? My chosen creative weapon is the Adobe suite - most notably Photoshop CS6. I also have a natural flair for fine art and design, which I try to incorporate into all aspects of my work. Photography is another hobby turned passion and I am often able to explore this more when I am travelling or at an event. ( I have also moved into the realm of video to increase my skill set)

Below you can find a mixture of some of my portfolio pieces that I have done mostly in my spare time and as freelance work. I use the Adobe suite and my own creative design process to create my work. (I've also designed all the graphics for this site). Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries, need help or would like to collaborate on a creative project together!

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