What I Take In Hand Luggage

What I Take In Hand Luggage

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Packing in general can be a pain in the butt. But you want to make sure you are best prepared for your trip and especially when you’re on that flight. You want to make sure that hand luggage is organised for optimum comfort in flight. I usually try and only have hand luggage because its just way easier and quicker at airports but I realise that people may want to take slightly more than what I would pack, all I need is my camera really!

So here’s what I pack/ would recommend when travelling for your hand luggage!

1. CAMERA – Obviously the no.1 tech essential i’d recommend for your trip. You want to make sure you capture every view, face and place on that trip of a lifetime! I always like to carry tech stuff with me so its safe and not thrown around.

2. LAPTOP – If you’re going on a longer trip then you may want to consider a laptop for easy accessibility to work, emails, edits etc. If its just a short trip then you can probably wait until you get home for this, have a break from it.

3. CHARGERS – Most places these days have charging ports you can use for all your devices so make sure you take advantage of this and get all your batteries on full power before you land!

4. TOOTHBRUSH/TOOTPASTE – I always like to take one of these on with me to freshen up, especially if its a long haul flight and it breaks up the time going to the bathroom.

5. WET WIPES – Again easy way to quickly freshen up that face and any other place before you land after a long clammy flight. No one likes smelly people!

6. A GOOD BOOK – I always carry a good book with me in case I want a break from the screen. If you have any recommendations let me know I always like buying new books! I’m currently reading ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ and ‘The Path To Happiness’ both of which are great reads!

7. NECK PILLOW – This has saved me countless times on flights especially if I get stuck in a middle seat. Best way to kill time on a flight is to get some sleep in before you get to your destination so, like your devices, your charged up when you land. Get an inflatable one so it takes up as little space as possible!

8. EAR PLUGS – Team these with the pillow for uninterrupted snoozing time. Also very handy for airports and hostels!

9. CLOTHES – Not loads of clothes but I like to pack 1 rolled up t-shirt (maybe 2) and some underwear just in case theres a delay with your luggage when you arrive or you want to freshen up in a long haul flight in between. ROLL your clothes do not fold for less space in you bag!

10. HEADPHONES – Most flights these days have screens with movies, tv, music etc. and you don’t really want to buy headphones in flight they are usually pretty rubbish!

11. MONEY – Always carry a little bit of cash with you in case of emergencies.

12. SNACKS – Bring a few sealed snacks in packets like crisps or cereal bars for in flight munchies. Snacks are way too expensive in flight and at the airport.

13. PEN/NOTEPAD – Always great for jotting ideas down, scribbles, doodles or games.

14. JACKET – Even if your jetting off to somewhere really hot, planes are usually freezing cold from the altitude and the aircon, so bring something to keep you warm. Some flights supply blankets but they are usually really thin and flimsy.

15. CHEWING GUM/SWEETS – Pop one in when you take off and chew loads so you avoid the dreaded popping of the ears as you climb up in altitude. Wrigley’s has saved me many times from this torture.

16. TISSUES – Always handy in an emergency, spillage, sneezing fit or tearful goodbye/reunion at the airport!

17. HAND SANITISER – A small bottle of this stuff is great to keep on you especially if you’re headed to the east of the globe where sanitation becomes a little bit more sketchy…

18. EYE DROPS – I find my eyes get really dry on flights from the air conditioning so I always like to freshen them up after a flight with some of these.

19. SOCKS – Again if your headed somewhere super hot, it still might be a good idea to pack a pair of these even if you throw them away on the other side as flights get cold. (Some flights also provide some in flight socks for you to wear)

There you go, that’s generally what I like to take on a flight in hand luggage with me. I hope this gave you some inspiration while packing and I hope you enjoy wherever it is your jetting off to!

With a well organised hand luggage bag you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

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