Love TEFL 120 Hour English Teaching Course | REVIEW

Love TEFL 120 Hour English Teaching Course | REVIEW

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TEFL, heres why…

Want to start travelling abroad? Don’t want to hang around for ages saving? Maybe consider getting yourself qualified to teach abroad with a TEFL qualification. I really want to start making travel a priority *even more so* in my life, so I started looking into ways I could earn money whilst travelling to give me a flow of income whilst on the move. I’m always looking to add another string to my bow and I really wanted to have a solid qualification to be able to approach potential employers with abroad. So, I started to research TEFL courses to study at home. Being able to show a certified TEFL qualification has already put me at the front of lots of employers and I have received multiple offers and had some Skype interviews already and I’m not even planning on going abroad until next year; so I can safely say this has already helped me a lot! Plus, I found the course and its content really useful. It’s a lot of common sense but also gives you the tools, theories and confidence to be able to approach an education establishment knowing all the technical jargon! It’s an investment into yourself, your education and your travelling dreams!

I’m hoping to use my TEFL qualification to go abroad and teach in Asia – hopefully in and around China! You can use it in many other countries such as Europe, South America and Africa as it is a globally recognised qualification.

Choosing a TEFL course with LoveTEFL

I researched a few different ones and came across LoveTEFL which at the time had a discount offer for one of their TEFL courses which included the 120 hour minimum TEFL qualification you can get along with some bonus qualifications on 1-to-1 teaching, teaching teenagers, group work, IELTS and helping with looking for work. It worked out the same price as the 120 hour course so I thought i’d make the most of the discount on offer! They offer the 120 hour TEFL, 180 TEFL & 300 hour TEFL. I went with the discounted 300 hour course to really maximise my knowledge and boost on my CV before I start teaching abroad. Keep an eye out as they usually do offers and bundles regularly so make sure you cash in on them and get as many hours as you can!

I’m currently half way through my course and am now on the teenagers & group work part of the 300 hours. I have completed my 120 hour TEFL which is the minimum I need for teaching abroad, so if I wanted to I could start looking for jobs now but I am looking to go early summer of 2016 so I’m making the most of the other parts of the course. I’ll receive my hard copy certificate once I’ve completed all modules but your able to send off for an e-certicifcate copy if you need to start emailing employers right away.

I’ve found the 120 TEFL really useful and it has enhanced my knowledge of teaching in a classroom a lot as well as equipping me with the necessary techniques and jargon to tackle the education environment. I’ve learnt how to create lesson plans catered to various levels, deal with foreign language techniques and lots of psychology in the classroom.

What they say:

“TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is all about exploring our world while learning new skills and getting experience for ‘real life’. So whilst you’re checking out ancient temples in Thailand, spotting wildlife in Africa or riding a tuk-tuk to the beach with your friends, you’ll also be contributing to your career. Nice.”

“What is TEFL about? TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It’s a professional qualification that equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach across the world. There is a huge demand for English teachers worldwide, and with a TEFL certificate under your belt you’ll be all set to pack your bags and travel the world!

Details and prices correct as of 06/12/15


Here at LoveTEFL, we believe TEFL is much more than just a teaching qualification; it’s an experience! Once you’re qualified we’ve got a range of teach and travel possibilities from paid jobs to supported internships, and even action packed adventure travel! When you arrive in-country, you’ll get a new perspective on the countries you’ll visit; immersing yourself in unique cultures, taking epic adventures and making lifelong friends along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Get TEFL qualified and take the first step on your very own adventure!”

All of their courses are completed 100% online which can fit in with whatever you are doing wether its working or studying. It’s a great benefit especially as I do work around it so the flexibility and freedom to manage it myself was something I found really great. They also offer;

  • 24/7 Access from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Professional TEFL training course
  • Internationally recognised TEFL certificate
  • Dedicated personal tutor
  • Free job service from our TEFL recruitment team

I’ve found LoveTEFL really great in delivering high quality content, useful techniques and thorough assessment of skills. Correspondence has been fairly good when I have needed it and grading has been detailed and constructive. The whole system is really easy to use and digest with mini quizzes throughout the modules. It’s easy to use uploading system for exam submissions makes it quick and stress free. If your looking for a TEFL course then I’d happily recommend looking into a LoveTEFL course.

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