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Jack Gunns

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What services do you offer?

I can help with either design requests or blogging work or both! If you need someone to help with any of these areas then please get in contact, I'm happy to help and love the chance to get to create, learn or meet you! Let's see what I can help with in each area:


Graphic/brand design (Logos, paperwork, e-mail templates, business cards, advertising/marketing), web design including WordPress start-up, Unique blog designs, photography, commissioned drawings*


Social promotion, sponsored posts, reviews, brand ambassador*, collaborations

Where are you currently?

I spend a lot of the time changing my location or country! But right now I'm:

Currently in,

United Kingdom working for Barton Willmore as a Graphic Designer

Heading to Next,


Any other Interests?

While most of my time is made up from freelance work, part-time work and blogging; I am always on the look for other tings to do or do alongside these. Let me know if you have anything that might be great for both of us.

Always looking out for:

Collaborative projects, development causes (I have done a fair amount of volunteering and believe in being a responsible volunteer, would love to know if you have any cool projects for me to get involved in or if there's anything that I can do to help), investments*, work opportunities

*Please message for further details and prices

*Will only work with up to a maximum of 3 brands that do not conflict with one another interests

*I am a modest freelancer and most of my work is made up of part-time work here and there so if you want to invest in me to help you then fire away!