Hello! My names Jack and this is my site 'GUNNS' a space where I blog my travels around the Globe, showcase my portfolio and sell hand drawn products in my store.

I guess I should start with a brief introduction about me and how I came to creating this online blog. Well it started firstly, like many, as a hobby born out of a love for creating content and wanting to share it with friends, family and potential employers. I have a strong background in design and wanted a professional portfolio to display all my pieces. So I began displaying my creative arsenal of prized pictures and enjoying producing work to display while still working part/full time to fund my travelling plans.

However, I wanted something more tangible that I could really take control over regularly, giving a more personal communication with the audience that may come across this little patch of creativity. Something to help communicate me as an individual and go hand in hand with displaying my work. So, I decided to start blogging. But what do you blog about when you start?

This is the question I pondered and went over in my head about. But the answer is simple. Do what you love. I have always had a passion for exploring and travelling, so why not share my adventures alongside my design work? Its the best creative combo and outlet for both passions.

The aim with this site is to deliver great content, reviews and experiences about my travels as well as create a hive of creativity for my design work. I hope to inspire others and grow as a creative individual through this website. I'm hoping you enjoy the content I put out as much as I enjoy creating it and I want everyone to know that there is more out there for you - work hard, be dedicated, have passion and take that leap with me!

The creation of my online store has been a working project and still is! I love to illustrate and doodle. I've been sketching and doodling over books for most of my life and it was a natural step for me to move into illustration. I've decided to finally launch some products sporting some of many unique pieces on them.

This first range is all about ink and my wonderment of wildlife. I have enjoyed creating illustrations of my favourite creatures with patterns inspired by my travels and getting to showcase them on products.

From posters to hoodies there are some great products now stocked in my store and if you're looking for an original gift for someone then they are perfect. You can even buy the original drawings themselves and you'll have the only one of it's kind!

Thanks for all the support!

I am one of the many people who have well and truly been bitten by the travel bug. I dream of far away places and exotic adventures that my otherwise quiet town in Hampshire just cannot satisfy. Don't get me wrong I live in a nice part of the world that I'm sure many people would love to explore. I'm a stone throw away from truly british countryside and cobbled beaches and in the other direction is the bustling hubbub of Londinium that many would leap at the chance to visit.

My eyes are just set further afield in the exotic tropics and colourful cultures of the eastern side of the globe. I love the ancient cultures and history of Asia and the wild plains that stretch across the African continent. I want to explore all the little pockets these places have to offer. Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to have already had some amazing life experiences in both of these places.

Choice. Chance. Change

Having been fortunate enough to have gone out to teach classes of hundreds of pupils and driven alongside a massive bull elephant on safari whilst in Kenya. I have also had the truly humbling opportunity of volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal and staying with a family for two months.

Travelled parts of Europe including Paris, Spain, Portugal and (my favourite) walked the christmas markets in Belgium. I also got the chance to travel the east coast of Australia taking in the beautiful beach views and laid-back aussie lifestyle - which I'd love to go and live for a longer amount of time!

I recently went back to my home from home in Sipadol, Nepal where I got to deliver some fundraising donations to aid in the re-building from the 2015 earthquakes. Then I headed to India which was a chaotic, colourful amazing adventure!  Next stop I headed to Ghana with VSO leading a team to aid local businesses in partnership with F.L.O.W.E.R a local NGO who have a mission to empower women and help the local communities!

My next stop is Shanghai in China, to use my TEFL qualification to teach. Hopefully you'll enjoy the experiences with me and get inspired to go out and explore yourself!

"I love to travel everywhere & anywhere! Experiencing new cultures, people & places are at the top of my bucket list."